DAYUM. :D Thanks Phillip for showing me this.

Funny how this fits my mood right now. 

Monday ‘Night’ Jamz

The young and the bangin’ 

The young and the bangin’ 

paris, texas is a great movie. i just watched it.

YESS my aunt Linda just called to tell me she is sending a bunch of free things for my new home. Man this move has been an over spilling with love from everyone. 

Couldn’t be more thankful.

Oh and in May I start training to be a flight attendant. STRANGE! :D



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To: Michael Spear HAwkins.


Que Sera Sera.

 Going to miss you alot. We are days from our 5 year anni.
It’s been nothing but beautiful. I LOVE YOU! <3 My Dearist friend for eternity.

Can’t listen to these without thinking of you boo! :D

Aqualung- strange and beautiful 
ingrid michaelson- you and i
death cab for cutie- i will follow you into the dark
Incubus- I miss you (first song you ever put on a mixed CD for me)
Caviar- tangerine speedo (You sang this to me one day on the way to the lake, so funny)

Journey - Don’t Stop Believing

Say anything- Alive with the glory of love
Foreigner- Hot blooded ( I love it when you do your Foreigner reminds me of all your 90s Childhood photos, your dads mustache and your stories about traveling in the trooper across the planet)
the blow- true  affection
kate nash- foundations (we’ve been through it all and im so glad we can look back and laugh)
laura veirs- galaxies
The new frontiers- mirrors
augustana- stars and boulevards (driving back from San ann with Amanda in the car… she fell asleep and I remember just holding your hand and feeling so much comfort. This album was on repeat) 
Weezer- Island in the sun
we the kings- check yes juliet
Band of Horses- Is there a ghost
Queen- you are my best friend
The Lovin’ spoonful- do you believe in magic
Minus the bear- pachuca sunrise

the russian futurists “let’s get ready to crumble”


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Oh my geeez. Just can’t sleep at all. 
Received a surprise at work toward the end of the day. Flowers!
But they didn’t come with a card? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm